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Jan 15, 2004 01:31 PM

Al's Fish & Chips is the BEST!

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OK this is it. I'm sick of all they're the best no they're the best! I have gome on a fish & chip mission in order to end the discussion. I've been to Penrose, Olde Yorke, Duckworth's, Chippy's, Harbord, White Bros., Kingsway, Reliable, and about a dozen others not even worth mentioning. The verdict is this, although some of these places do make a decent order of fish & chips, Al's is the best. If you haven't tried it, you can't talk. Give it a shot and end the debate once and for all. It's located at 109 McCaul St inside the Village by the Grange at University & Dundas. 416.351.8722

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  1. I agree ... they're really good. And fresh. Best around, and that includes Harbord F&C.

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      In the grange and good? amazing! Years ago the grange was just nasty. I'll have to check it out.