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Jan 14, 2004 07:43 PM

Scarborough Lunch Options Markham/Finch

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With the slew of inquerries regarding food in Scarborough, I thought I'd ask the group:

I just started working at Markham/Finch. Is there any place to eat lunch besides Wendy's/Tim Hortons? I have a car, but the area still kinda freaks me out, so a place where a single female can venture would be prefered.

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  1. There are lots of Chinese places in the McCowan & Sheppard area. One that I particularly like is Tai Wan Noodle (also called Beef Noodle) on Sheppard west of Brimley. See link below. There's also a good Vietnamese Pho place in the same strip mall.

    Another possibility is Pacific Mall at Kennedy & Steeles, dozens of restaurants in and around it.


    1. Isn't there a McDonald's and a Mr. Greek Jr. at Markham and Finch now? (Sorry, those aren't very good options to Timmy's and Wendy's)

      You might try Tapps bar/restaurant at Tapscott and Finch, but I don't know if they're open for lunch.

      Woodside Square is at McCowan and Finch, but the pickings are slim there, too.

      If you don't mind Filipino food, try Barrio Fiesta (Sheppard/Lapsley) or Remely's (Sheppard/Shorting). Good, reasonably priced food in a safe, cafeteria-like setting.

      Hope this helps!

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        Please don't go to Tapps, just went their for dinner and the food was absolutely awful!

        1. re: callitasicit

          Actually, Tapps does a very good business. I go there frequently and the food is usually very good for the price!

        2. re: Glenn

          I like that Mr Greek Jr. It's fast, but the food is prepared fresh and with real ingredients. My favourite meal there is a Greek salad with a chicken brest add-on. It's a pretty good deal compared to some of their other offerings.

        3. You'd be better off going down to Markham and Sheppard (chinese place next to Food Basics, chinese place across the street, Ten-Ichi, Babu's) area or going up to Markham and 14th area (Costco food court, some Indian places, Nando's chicken). Also, there are places in the T&T plaza at Middlefield and Steeles (cheap noodle place, T&T food court, some Indian places).

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            Sweetie even though you work in Malvern don't be scared. Scarborough has a bad rap but it's not bad, plus it's not like you're walking around at 1am. there's so many spots near you, Chinese jamaican, hakka, don't go for the fast food...

          2. Hi Janine, I'm relatively new to the area too for work, although I live not that far away. My coworker and best friend go out for lunch in the area a few times a week:

            For fast food:
            Tim Horton's
            and check out the Lindt Chocolate outlet (corner of Finch/Markham)

            We to to Costco at lunch time too, for a quick bite. In the same area is Nando's (pirri pirri chicken, I think that's how it's spelled, a bit pricey though). That's at Markham/14th.

            Across the street is Kelsey's (not our favorite), Saagar (Indian buffet, we didn't like it, but you may), Bamiyan Kabob (was there today, ok, service is slow at lunch time), China something (a new Indian Hakka place - will find out the name tomorrow, they have lunch specials). There is also a Pita place, pizza place ... you'll need to do a drive by. There is a Food Basics and Shoppers Drug mart as well for some quick shopping.

            Last week we drove to Markham/Ellesmere for Indian buffet at Bombay Palace (but you'll need about 90 minutes).

            Other times, we drive to Woodside Square at Finch/McCowan, or have ventured as far as the plaza at Finch/Midland.

            P.S. We're both female and have no problems venturing out! And, I go out alone at lunch all the time.


              The pics are horrible, but they have some of the most authentic Malaysian food in the city. It's in a dingy food court, but don't let that deter you.

              Plus there are tons of Chinese places all w/i a 5-10 min drive from you.

              Gourmet Garden Restaurant
              4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA