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Jan 13, 2004 06:33 PM

Brunch suggestion - North york/Scarborough

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Any suggestions for an establishment that serves brunch on Sundays in North York/Scarborough?

We usually do Chinese (dim sum), so I'm looking for something different.

Eggs, salmon, light lunch fare. Not too expensive.

Any suggestions? =)


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  1. For my family, sunday brunch would be the Pickle Barrel.

    THere is very little you can't get there.

    In North York/ Scarb area, there is one on Leslie between finch and steels.

    1. Here are a few suggestions:

      - Bluffers (by the Bluffs - great food, great view)
      - Il Fornello (Bayview Village)
      - Oliver and Bonaccini (Bayview Village)
      - Delta Toronto (Scarborough)

      Have fun!

      1. je vous envoie alice au pays des merveilles! elle vou donnera du thé et des biscuits!