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Jan 13, 2004 03:37 PM

Romantic Dinner in Downtown T.O.

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My first post on this board - just outstanding information on here so I am excited to get feedback on this. Coming into Toronto to celebrate our 3rd anniversary later this month and looking for a great dinner in a romantic setting the downtown area. Given the occasion, price is not really important. Generally, we love places that offer tasting menus. Recommendations?

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  1. Well tasting menu's I don't know.

    But lets see...

    Canoe has a great view and good setting. If you want the most romantic resturant in the city (according to a pool somewhere) then travel north to Auberge Du Pommier which is at the 401 and Yonge St.

    Congrats on your ann!

    1. One of the most romantic restaurants would be Monsoon Restaurant. They are the winner of a james beard award for restaurant designin North America and winner of the wine spectator 2003.
      There is a tasting menu for $88 and a tasting menu with wine for $135.

      1. Avalon is with out a doubt THE special occasion restaurant in the city. Expensive, but great value for product.Must have an open mind because Chris doesn't serve shrimp cocktail!!!

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          avalon has excellent food that is for sure but provence is very romantic as bistro 990 but the food at provence is better.

        2. A couple of months back went to Truffles at Four Seasons. Excellent tasting menu and unparallelled service. And they offer companion wines too. The atmosphere would be perfect for an Anniversary.