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Jan 10, 2004 04:04 PM

Where to eat near Dundas and Yonge

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We're going to the Canon Theatre next week and I'm looking for somewhere to have dinner within walking distance. The Theatre is on Victoria Street, just off Yonge - just south of Dundas. Will consider any cuisine - but must be good food and not fancypants expensive.

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  1. Baton Rouge across the st. in the eaton centre.

    Food there is not bad at all.

    Enjoy The Producers!

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    1. re: Lorne

      Come on, Lorne: the food at Baton Rouge is utterly average and uninspired, the atmosphere sterile, the service amateur - a tourist trap par excellence and nothing else: pretentious and mediocre.

      1. re: John

        Perhaps not your traditional pre-dinner theatre, but Purple Pig at 1 Richmond West has really great ribs. I've been there a half dozen times and not been disappointed.

        Although P. Pig has a very similar menu to Rouge, the food is far better with a more enjoyable atmosphere and attentive staff.


        1. re: John

          Now now, look at what I said. It is not bad.

          I never said great, but for a decent meal that is not a bad place to go.

          Lets not get so aggressive here :)

          1. re: Lorne

            Come on it is not a place for a "decent" meal. "Decent" means the Tulip or somewhere like that where honest home cooking is offered at honest prices. This is formulaic cooking devoid of any originality or style whatsoever, served by an ill-trained staff, at high prices. Convenient ? perhaps. Decent ? not !

            1. re: John

              I've seen quite a few favourable comments on the Tulip here on this board but the experiences we've had there were quite unremarkable. We've been for breakfast: bacon and eggs, etc. We went for dinner a couple of times. The first time I ordered cabbage rolls and found the cabbage totally undercooked and tough. Second time I ordered the steak special, medium-rare and I received it cooked super well-done.

              Have we been going at the wrong times? Ordering the wrong things?

      2. It depends on what you are looking for...

        For Thai I know that Salad King (Gould Street between Victoria and Yonge) has opened their new spot upstairs, Linda's (smaller & quieter). I suspect the food will be just as good it is downstairs plus, it won't be as crazy. I would recomment reservations though. ( - I believe...
        If you are interested in Italian a great spot is Terroni located South of Queen on Victoria. Excellent Pasta and thin crist pizza (

        Enjoy the show!

        1. If I was going to be dressed up, I might try the Torch Bistro (formerly the Senator). Actually, I would probably prefer the Senator Diner, but I believe they're only open for lunch.

          More casually, I have two suggestions: Terroni is on Victoria Street, south of the theatres. This is fun as an Italian bistro/deli, if you're not too serious. The other alternative for a larger group (where it's quiet enough to actually hold a conversation) is New Treasure Restaurant, west on Dundas. These two restaurants were discussed in a thread starting with "Restos with longevity".


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          1. re: divirtual

            Try Superior on Yonge just a couple of doors down from the Theatre. Food is great and service was not too bad...


          2. At Yonge & Dundas, nothing is better than Salad King (as recommended below and dozens of times on this board). Some of the best Thai food in Toronto and even better ambience since it's reopening - that said, it's still basically a student hangout, but less obvious in the evening.
            Sorry, can't endorse either Baton Rouge or Purple Pig - haven't returned to either after trying both. Same applies to Senator.
            Many people recommend Terroni - but to me it's just another Southern Italian restaurant - nothing wrong, but doesn't excite me (although others rave about their pizza).

            1. When we went to the Producers we had a group of twelve, so the most viable option for us was Marche at BCE place, Front and Younge. It was a 10-15min walk, and if you know your way, you can take the path.