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Jan 9, 2004 06:45 PM

A Challenge... and a Cry of Help from A Student

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As a student at the University of Toronto, I don't have a lot of money for food and the the campus food is horrible, so it's a bit of a challenge to get something to eat that's edible.
So imagine that you're at the Scarbrough campus, which is not known for it's resturants.
So this is a challenge to all, where can some hungrey. poor students find some grub near campus?! (Near being walking distance)
UTSC is located at Ellesmere and Miltary Trail and bus service is shoddy at best.

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  1. Mr. Jerk: Morningside and Sheppard (OK walk).....$5 lunch specials.....lots of variety.....have Caribbean and Chinese food too

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      Have to disagree with your recommendation (most respectfully, I look for your recommendations often). I had Mr. Jerk recently, their famous jerk wings, and they were undercooked or greasy beyond being edible. I haven't been back, and haven't tried other things.

      I work at 401 and Markham and have experienced similar food challenges. I'll ask around about the U of T campus and try to add, rather than subtract helpful recommendations.

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        Hi foodgrrl,

        I actually haven't tried the jerk wings in a long time. But, what I usually get is the chilli chicken (Chinese) or oxtail (Caribbean) on rice n peas. The ginger chicken is good too (Chinese).

        They open at 11am and have most of the food out by 1130am. That's when the food is suppose to be the freshest.

        Mr. Jerk has a special place in my heart, cause they were one of the few places open during Black Out 2003!!! :)

        Try it again, otherwise, happy eating!

    2. the best solution for good food would be to try to transfer to st. george campus....

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        ..for the sweet-and-sour chicken balls served by an old chinese woman in a truck outside Robart's? :) I remember those well..

        for those unfortunate souls stuck in the purgatory that is the scarborough campus, you're straight outta luck, to be blunt. Pack a lunch and think about transferring; I'd almost (*almost*) rather go to ryerson...

      2. Like goober, my first inclination is to recommend Mr. Jerk. It fits your criteria (cheap, within walking distance of UTSC). $6 will get you the lunch special, but get it around 11:30 a.m. before the lunch crowds arrive. I haven't had a problem with the jerk wings, myself.

        If you're limited to walking distance from UTSC, you'll starve for good, cheap eats. Why don't you have a Metropass? :-) That said, here are a couple more suggestions...

        * There is a plaza at Military Trail and Morningside with a Popeye's chicken, a pub and a pizza place. I would avoid those and perhaps try the Indian/Sri Lankan takeout restaurant. There seems to be a constant flow of people in and out of the restaurant. However, I haven't eaten here yet, so someone will have to be the guinea pig ;-)

        * If you're willing to walk to Mr. Jerk, you might as well go to Neilson and Ellesmere. There's a plaza with a Tim Horton's/Wendy's and a couple other fast food joints: KFC, Caribbean takeout restaurant, pizza place.

        * Try Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club on Military Trail just west of the plaza mentioned above. They have a restaurant with daily specials. It's not exactly cheap, but it ain't expensive, either. It's also where I curl :-)

        Hope this helps,
        Glenn in Scarborough (Malvern, to be exact)

        1. Thanks a lot for the replies! I will try the places recommended, but here's another aspect of the problem... a nearby place that's open really late, even better, 24/7. I remember studying at school at 3:00 am and having a craving for breakfast food. Usually we have a car in situations like those..

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            You better have a car at that time.

            Nonetheless, the area around there is not exactly the safest spot in the or night.