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Jan 8, 2004 07:04 PM

organic meat

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would anyone know of a butcher shop in the west end of the city that sells strictly organic meat.

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  1. you can get organic meat @ the dufferin grove market or order direct from beretta farms (free delivery over $75.00)

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    1. re: marie

      Is there a butcher in the city center that sells organic meat? Does anyone know anything about the butcher on Church just south of Wellesly?

      1. re: the_girl

        i believe cumbrae on church sells organic meat. they're quite expensive but the meat very good.

        1. re: marie

          Have been buying organic meat for quite some time and think Beretta is the best. Really nice people and the meat is delivered in usuable size packages, and will vacuum seal some on request. If $75 is too huge a target alone, order with friends like I do.

          1. re: teekay

            rowes - farmers side of Stlawrence saturday only

            1. re: bructer

              Check out Berreta's web site. They list retailers who carry their stuff, such as Apple Tree at Queen West and Walnut. But your best bet is to place your own order and have it deliverd to your home or office. They have monthly specials that are great deals, and they're actually cheaper than Cumbrae's (or Loblaw's for that matter).

              The beef is excellent, as are the chickens. Some of the deli items are nice. I haven't been pleased with their lamb. I'm told the pork is very good.

    2. Fresh From the Farm on Donlands just north of O'Connor in the East end is worth the drive. They have excellent meats from Mennonite farms in Waterloo county (no hormones or anti-biotics in feed)plus bakery items. Open only Thursday through Saturday. Call first 416-422-3276. Also have unique online ordering so you can just pick up your order.

      1. does anyone know if any of these places (or any other places) sell organic chicken hearts and liver?