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Jan 8, 2004 09:17 AM

best Korean on Bloor?

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I have a friend coming in from out of town who really likes Korean food. Which of the restaurants on Bloor do Chowhounds recommend as the best? I don't have a car so it is awkward to get to any of the Korean restaurants near Yonge and Steeles.

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  1. By best, I'm guessing you mean atmosphere etc.

    Two nice places to go are:

    Il Bul Gi (someone help with the spelling). Good food, probably the nicest atmosphere. Slightly more expensive.

    Sejou(sp?) I had a great meal here with friends. The manager wants to broaden the appeal to non-Koreans and takes personal charge of all the mekooks. I had amazing BBQ eel here and they accomodate vegetarians.

    Korea House is a great standby, friendly service and good food.

    Korean Village has a Japanese mix, so more sushi is offered.

    There are a number of great student places near Palmerston. i.e. no liquor license, as its mainly a cheap nosh for lunch. They are open in the evening too. I just ate at the northwest corner of Palmerston and Bloor and it was great. I had a beef and squid spicy stirfry, my fiancee ate a beef soup and we split a portion of deep friend dumplings ($17).

    1. I can highly recommend Il Bun Gi, one of my faves on the Bloor west strip....

      How about Yook/yuk hwe though? The korean version of steak tartare. I'm always on the lookout for new places that serves this. I'm sure some of you know, fill me in please.

      1. For dishes with seafood, Il Bun Gi.
        For kalbi, bulgogi and other BBQ meats, Sejong.
        Korea House is excellent all around, but a wee bit pricier.
        Korean Village is good for large groups due to it size - and they give you lots of little appetizers!

        1. Heh... I can tell you about this...

          Good (cheap) places are Ko Ryo, with the smiling lady and stern looking man. The pork fried rice, while not fried at all, keeps you attentive. The Gam Ja Tang (or Dang) is also good for the weather.

          Seoul House is another great standby... Happy House can get quite busy, but is worth the wait, as is Buk Chang Dong at Bloor and Clinton...

          Never been to Il Bun Ji...must try sometime.