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Jan 6, 2004 07:41 PM

Napoleon (Mille Feuille)

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Does anyone know where I can get this wonderful pastry? I can't even find it on any dessert menu in a restaurant, let alone buy it.

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    Frederic Tutundjian

    Hi there,

    You can find good millefeuilles in Toronto. Rahier, on Bayview, south of Eglinton, has a really great one and so does the Sweet Gallery (Mount Pleasant, south of Eglinton, as well as Bloor West Village) who in my opinion, is a bargain of a pastry shop for their quality and variety, offering not only French but Serbian, Austrian and italian delicacies among others.

    As for restaurants, you will find this delicious dessert on the menus of the outlets of two famous Quebec-based chains, St-Hubert BBQ and Le Biftheque, the latter offering the best of both in my opinion.

    Open Window Bakery also offers millefeuilles in many of their outlets.

    You have to know that the best millefeuilles are made with creme patissiere, which i do not see often in Toronto. Here, you will mostly find napoleons with whipped cream or custard.

    However, the best millefeuilles in Canada can be found in my opinion at two pastry shops in Montreal: Au Duc de Lorraine and La Patisserie de Gascogne.

    Hope it helps!