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Jan 5, 2004 06:11 PM

Best College St Restaurants?

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Hey all,

I'm looking for some College St recommendations... good food, not too pricey or pretentious. Any suggestions?



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  1. I think 'Gamelle' is the best mid-range restaurant on the strip. The food is consistently good and original. Although it may be slightly pricier than you'd like. Other recommendations found on this list would also fit the bill (search the message board): 'Senhor Antonio's' (Portuguese Tapas) and 'Kalendar'...

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      Utopia - Revolting food, bad service
      Kalendar - Blandsville
      Gamelle, Giancarlo - Expensive, Yummy, Get someone to take you
      Mars - Great Home Fries. I love it.
      The Dip - geeross, though "guess how many tater tots bingo" can be fun at breakfast. Dine at your own risk.
      Bar Italia - Not Bad. Chicken sandwich a nice go to, pasta indefferent
      College St Bar - Not so bad actually
      Cobalt - No Food
      Lava - Haven't been in ages but remember a good meal
      Brasserie - Can be fun, food is ok
      Bruyea - Uneven, something weird about it, but some great dishes
      California Sandwiches on Claremont - Yes Please
      Sushi Places - All suck, go forage on bloor
      Thai Whatever (grace?) - No good at all and expensive
      Ellipsis - Late and Lamented. Haven't tried Xacutti
      Once had a sandwich at collision. Can't remember if it was any good.
      SOuth Side louis. Average Bar food.

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      I'd recommend Marlowe as a personal favorite, both in terms of food quality and price. Midtown has tasty food but I find their price way out of line with the serving size. Kalendar, as otherwise recommended, is always a good bet though they tend to get a little snippy if you only want drinks.

      1. I like El Bodegon (corner of College and Euclid, across from Kalendar). Not pretentious, and portions are big. It's a Peruvian restaurant, I think? Lots of seafood (fish, ceviche). My friends really like the Pasta Pesto (? has avocado in it). I had a chicken stew there once which was also good. Decent prices, depending on what you get. Kalendar and Marlowe are also okay - Marlowe has good fries, but the last time I went the burger was disappointing, so I stopped going.

        1. Try Utopia, great burritos (grilled tuna, etc.), someone recently posted liking there Buffalo bugers. I still like Bar Italia, like the vibe, the noise, and usually feel at home with the service and clientele. Their arugala, mushroom, walnut salad is one I've stolen and re-created often.

          1. Regina Pizzeria & Trattoria

            Reall good italian food. Small but still a great date place. Huge portions so you can share. No desserts but i'm usually to full anyways.