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Jan 5, 2004 05:16 PM

Looking for something similar to Al Frisco's

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I was planning a university reunion for a group of about ten people this weekend. We were going to have it Al Al Frisco's but they are closed for reno.

Can someone make some suggestions for a good unique resturant similar to Al's (price range, etc)


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  1. If you're into that kind of thing, how about Alice Fazool's? It's right around the corner. Their seafood is OK, the free garlic bread quite decadent and the wine list better than average for this kind of place. It's a crowd-pleaser and pricewise, about the same. Maybe more. I like the piped in Italian lessons in the bathrooms...

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    1. re: Markaroni

      Thanks for the suggestion...

      what about a non-chain resturant, something small and unique?

      any thoughts?

      1. re: Lorne

        There is a place right near Al Frisco's/Alice Fazooli's downtown which used to be an old house call Marniela the Wedge or something similar. Great Italian food for reasonable prices. It's located on a little side street called Weimer (??) off Adelaide between John & Peter St. Hope this helps.