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Jan 5, 2004 12:44 PM

Restaurants serving wild game?

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Does anyone know of any restaurants in the GTA that serve wild game such as buffalo, venison, elk, moose, or caribou? There used to be one on Richmond years ago, but it closed down. Any information would be great!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can't recollect where I heard/saw it, but I believe it's illegal to 'sell' WILD game in Ontario (so what you see in Restaurants is farmed). However, I 'understand' there are a couple of loopholes
    1. If the game is 'donated' as opposed to sold, then it can still be served - so you see a number of game banquets which have a charitable beneficiary.
    2. If the game is caught (and bought) outside Ontario then the law MAY not apply. A friend who visited NW Territories tells me he brought some Caribou back after obtaining a permit (which was easy to get). And I've had NW Territories Caribou at Splendido (where I didn't ask if it was wild - but it was a private function).

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      I remember reading this in connection to a Jamie Oliver interview. He wanted a moose burger(or the Star writer wanted to serve him one) and he had to have it "given" to him by the writer's friend.

      The interview took place at Shangai Cowgirl and they minced the moose with baccon to give it some fat.

      That's a good bit of useless trivia cleared out for the new year.