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Jan 4, 2004 10:05 PM

Brunch at King Edward Hotel: Cafe Victoria

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After about 8 years' absence from this brunch I used to frequent, two friends and I went there after church this morning. We had mixed feelings. The room itself is gorgeous, the seating comfortable.

The buffet is now served out of an directly adjacent room, I guess in order to allow the Cafe to use all available seating. It is a slightly longer walk, but the upside is a much less crowded buffet area. There appeared to be perhaps 7 tables occupied this afternoon, anyway.

The food seemed unchanged from what I remembered: a good selection of breakfast breads and fruits, ditto of appetizers and salads ranging from pates to smoked duck to noodles. Beef Wellington (ineptly carved) and lamb were the roasts, with delicious gravies. Hot dishes included several chicken and pork chafing dishes, some rather tough roast potatoes, beautifully cut fresh vegetables not overcooked, and abundant breakfast meats and crepes...Dessert table was full of mousses, cakes, pastries and some melted-looking ice cream with a fruit compote to go on top. In summary: lots of good food, nothing I would call outstanding, but nothing mediocre either. Standard upscale buffet fare.

Service was another matter, however. We had to ask for more water, coffee, juice, silverware - whatever.
The waiter was pleasant, but distrait. In an upscale hotel dining room you expect pro-active service not reactive service. I noticed he spoke to some guests on the fly rather than pausing to converse and ascertain their needs.

All in all, B+ for food, C for service, B- for value for money. Any other opinions ?

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  1. I'm going to be in Toronto, first time, in 2 weeks; staying at the Delta Chelsea, is this close, do you recommend it and how much is it?

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      We had a very good brunch at the Harbour Castle (Westin?)on the waterfront. Best hotel brunch I've had - but I haven't tried the King Edward so I'm not comparing.