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Jan 2, 2004 01:59 PM

Recommended: Mitzi's (Parkdale)

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Hey all -

First post to the list - looks really interesting! Can't wait to try out some of the recommendations.

Wanted to share a recent discovery - Mitzi's (100 Sorauren, Parkdale) for brunch. Was there for New Year's Day and had the most delicious French Toast (with homemade pomegranate syrup) and pancakes (oatmeal buttermilk) I've ever witnessed. The space is relatively small (holds about 20) and not particularly cheap (breakfast entrees average $10.95) but the food and service are exceptional.




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  1. Yes, Mitzi's is the perennial fave in the area. I always take visitors to TO there for breakfast, and they never fail to be amazed at the oatmeal pancakes. The ventilation is a bit poor there, and the place gets a bit smokey and oily for my liking, so in winter I generally take out. Although winter may be the time to go, if you want to avoid long lineups in summer.

    Mitzi's Sister is pretty good - just down the street on Queen, it's a pub with for once really good pub food.

    1. I was at the other Mitzi's on New Year's day and was unimpressed....they ran out of french toast, which admittedly was highly touted through word of mouth, and so had to select one of only 5 or so remaining choices. I shared the omelette and the burrito, and when the time the food arrived 20 minutes later there were probably over a dozen eggs on the table. This is excessive. Both dishes were fine...nothing to write home about. Refried beans were cold. Juices were pricey.

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        Mitzi's (Sorauren) is significantly better than Mitzi's Sister. The menu changes from day to day and the food is more inventive. You should try Mitzi's! And probably go early as it gets very busy.