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Dec 30, 2003 02:46 PM

mango icecream

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Does anyone know where you can buy large quantities (not by the serving) of mango icecream?


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  1. Try these guys. And if they have it, while in the area get some samosas at the Sultan (used to be next door, now at O'Connor and Sunrise)

    Tropical Treets
    130 Bermondsey Road, North York, ON M4A1X5
    (416) 759-8777

    1. Try any large Asian supermarket like Big Land, New Asia, etc... They will usually carry mango (as well as other uncommon tropical flavoured) ice creams in big tubs for about $10. Ask a Filipino friend if you have one, they will know.

      1. Any Asian supermarket.

        Brand name is called MAGNOLIA

        try the "ube" purple yam flavour too