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Dec 28, 2003 05:21 PM

Bad Experience With Windsor Arms- High Tea

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We recently had a vey bad experience with the Windsor Arms Hotel. Apparently even if you make a reservation for tea a month in advance they do not regard it as a confirmed reservation even after the three emails that we had exchanged after the initial reservation.

We arrived there at 3:15 for a 3:30 pm sitting at which we were told that that they were still working on place settings and such. Asking us to take a seat in the lobby for they would call us when they were done we waited until 3:45 thinking to ourselves that they are very tardy.

Checking with the maitre'd we were told that our reservations were given to someone else although we were there on time and had already notified them that we had arrived. These mix ups happen I know, but having heard no apology and the sheer lack of empathy on their part made for a unfavourable light of their organization.

Has anyone had a hard time with them before? Having driven from Kingston for a relaxing couple of days in Toronto; it did nothing but raise our frustration level.

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  1. Wow. I would write a letter/email to the manager on that one. To have "lost" your reservation is one thing, but to have left you stranded in the lobby instead of letting you know right away... amazing.

    Did you give them your credit card number when reserving? My friend did, she is planning a party there and will be very upset if the reservation isn't honoured.

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      Never mind about the credit card... got my Toronto Teas mixed up.

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        Well, on a side note that developed out of this post my friend called our tea destination (Cafe Victoria at the King Eddie). They are WELL AWARE of the recent bad review in the Globe (their staff actually brought it up and mentionned the dry sandwich accusation - my friend had not seen the review!). They claim to have a new chef for tea. I'm excited again about going!