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Dec 19, 2003 03:50 PM

Butter Chicken

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I work in the downtown area - Dundas and University. I need some recommendations for a restaurant that serves good butter chicken.

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  1. I don't know if they serve butter chicken or not, but my favorite Indian restaurant is on Baldwin St. It's called Gateway to India. Don't judge the place from its store front - there are a few Indian restaurants on Baldwin but this is the best.

    How about learning how to make butter chicken yourself??!!

    1. go to Gandhi on Queen St near Bathurst (n e corner) they have legendary butter chicken --- by far the best i've ever had - it might cost you $5 for a cab -but call first , it takes 15mins to prepare... the # is 416 504 8155 --- you have to go here if you're into the butter chicken, it is incredible

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        I second the recommendation for Gandhi.

        The original question asked about Dundas and University. Babur on Queen just west of University as a fantastic butter chicken. Often it's one of the choices in their lunch buffet.

        I think the owners of Gandhi and Babur are associated with one another, as the recipes are very similar. Not sure if they're relatives, friends, former-friends or whatever...

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        The Berserker

        The butter chicken at Matagali (basement at 69 Elm St.) is pretty good.

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          Jo-Anne Miller

          Try 'Nashtah' in Bank of Montreal food court.
          2nd floor. King & Bay Sts.