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Dec 18, 2003 10:01 PM

Omsoc makes backwards work.

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We were at Cosmo (St.Clair-Dufferin) last Saturday for lunch. I wanted to try the new soup but it wasn't ready. So we just ordered mains and dessert. I had the bunless lamburger with a nice sauce and frites, garnished with a bit of red onion which I also ate. The Guv had a Nicoise like salad, but with salmon. Then the soup showed up. It was carrot and ginger in a water and potato base, and was delicious. A bit sweet from the carrot, just highlighted by the ginger, smooth and refined yet tasty. It was a very pleasing way out from my lamburger (with onion) and salted frites, and quite OK after the salmon Nicoise. Dessert was an apple tart in a Linzer pastry. The wine was a Hungarian red, half Caberent Sauvignon and half Kekfrankos,(a Portugese grape I was told), Szermeley Soproni 2001. Notwithstanding that it was modestly priced,($12.95 LCBO, I bought a case)it was pleasing and interesting on its own, certainly different, and went nicely with the cooking.
A very nice meal from beginning to end, and not expensive.


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  1. I usually agree with you.
    Some time ago, although I hesitate to write a negative review, I wrote a totally negative review re: Cosmos.
    The kitchen had to be aware that they were sending out a squab, so dried out, that it was inedible.
    Possibly they are trying harder now.
    On another thread totally unrelated we tried Cafe 668 last night, and were delighted with the inventive Vegetarian cooking.
    The owner, his wife, and his young son, kept everyone quite happy, and were interested in our opinion of the food.
    Quite different from my favourite Lotus Pond, but in its' own way just as good.
    It is small, so it is not a place for a large group.
    Without Grubhounds, I would never have entered the door of this tiny restaurant.
    So thanks for the recommendation.
    Also, Caflouti.
    What's with the brown tuna?
    Otherwise, a pleasant addition to this area which has been a wasteland for foodies.
    I wish more Grubhounds would report back on recommended restaurants, especially if they are above expectation, or really terrible!

    1. Please don't take this as a personal attack Vinnie. Keep it chow friendly.
      You have recommended this restaurant on several occasions. When I responded with a negative review (it's still the worst meal I had in Toronto this year, and I'm having difficulty going back to find a worse one in previous years) I pointed out that I dislike making negative reviews and was only writing to respond - I only initiate bad reviews if I've had bad experiences at least twice.
      I even passed on commenting on your strong recommendation in a subsequent post.
      You also emailed me for my reasons and I sent you a detailed review (to which you didn't respond). Every course (except the salad, on which I had no notes) was a disaster. Unfortunately I did not keep a copy or I would reproduce it here.
      I also received an offer from Cosmo for a free meal - I don't accept freebies. And I wouldn't have mentioned that either except for this subsequent recommendation.
      Of course you are entitled to an opinion. And maybe this exchange will prompt other people to try it for themselves (if anyone does you MUST post). I just hope it will be a regular poster (which you are) and not a one-off response which seems to be the situation so far with this restaurant (other than Erley who is a regular and I also often disagree with - but not this time).
      I respect the efforts made by restauranteurs in what has been a tough economic environment in Toronto. It's not easy to write a bad review and I generally pass (unless initiated by someone else) - local restaurants make it (or not) on their regular patrons. And the original reason I tried this restaurant was as a contrast to the plethora of Italian restaurants in the area. I had great hopes for something different. I hear the owners are hard-working decent guys. But ultimately this is (and should be) all about the food.

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        Vinnie Vidimangi

        My late response in the link at the bottom.