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Dec 18, 2003 01:34 PM

Chinese restaurants in Don Mills area?

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Long-time northerners are moving to the Don Mills area just after Christmas, and want personal local recommendations as to good Chinese restaurants in the area. What's good and what's special?

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  1. Where ?
    Approx. Don Mills and?
    It is a very long Rd.

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    1. re: erley
      Northern editor

      Oops, I don't know where in the Don Mills area, don't know Toronto at all! Say North York, Scarborough, East York? This is done as a surprise for our editor, who's moving to Toronto, but am not sure exactly where. They really like Chinese restaurants, so I'm sure any suggestions as to good ones will be appreciated.

      1. re: Northern editor

        Without knowing location, it is difficult.
        Often mentioned are
        Dragon Dynasty
        I enjoy all three
        It is not hard to find good Chinese food in this area, and, if you become more specific, there are dozens more.
        There are many threads on this sight for Chinese food in the North East end of the city

        1. re: Northern editor

          One place is Grass Mountain Villa in the plaza at north-east corner at Don Mills and Finch. Decent dim-sum and dinner. In addition to their menu, they usually offer set dinner menus ("real" chinese food). For example, recent offerings included dinners which will feed approx 10 people that ranged from $178 to $348 plus tax and gratuity.

        2. re: erley

          The Don Mills area usually means Don Mills roughly between Eglinton and Lawrence. There aren't many good restaurants in that area. A good Chinese fast-food place, Noodle Delight, is on Don Mills just north of Eglinton, West side, in a plaza that also has a Swiss Chalet and a few other things.

          1. re: SacredKow
            Chinese Perry

            Yes, Don Mills normally refers to the stretch around teh Eglinton to Lawrence area. In that vicinity, there's Jade Vilage that I believe a fairly recent arrival. They offer an early dim sum at 10% off, and no tea charge. The food is good, but not great. But for the area, there's not a lot of choice if you want Chinese.