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Dec 18, 2003 12:01 PM

Bay & Wellesley

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I have to be in Toronto on business next week (ugh, Christmas week away from home). I'm staying at the Sutton PLace and was wondering if there were any good places for dinner in the area other than the hotel restaurant. I like to get away from the hotel from time to time.

Any suggestions?

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  1. If you want something really close to your hotel, there's Debu Saha's Biryani House, which frequently gets mentioned on this board. It's located at 25 Wellesley St. E.

    1. Mammina's Risorante, 7 Wellesley St W. (just west of Yonge). Authentic Italian. Nice ambiance. Crisp White Tablecloths. Reasonable. I usually get the lamb chops with a green salad to start. The BEST part of this place is that the wine is only marked up $5.00 over LCBO prices so you can get a scrumptious bottle of Amarone for $35.00. It is smallish. I would make reservations.

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        Small, "traditional" Italian menu - the same sort of food you can get anywhere in North America; the gentle wine mark-ups are their main attraction. The food is not bad, though.

      2. I recommend Le Matignon for French food; the restaurant is located on St. Nicholas Street. Mustapha is a wonderful maitre d'. If you need a place for a 24 hour nosh, go to 7 West on St. Charles Street. If you go to Yonge Street just south of Bloor, Spring Rolls is quite good for Asian.

        All of this can be found at

        1. It's not that far for you to go to Chinatown (Dundas / Spadina), but if you want a shorter walk, I've found New Treasure (link below) to be reliable.