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Dec 17, 2003 08:21 PM

Shaved Ice/Bubble Tea Gift Search

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My friend likes Hawiian shaved ice and bubble tea but lives in the middle of nowhere were you can't get either of these items. Tap Phong was out of the hand shaved ice makers, so I am tring to locate one, but also am looking for a few additions like unique shaved ice syrups, such as mango, lychee etc... or maybe supplies for slushi bubble tea.

Does anyone know where I can find any of these items asap, since I am leaving on Saturday? Thanks so much...

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  1. I've seen alot of bubble tea Do-it-yourself stuff at Pacific Mall (northeast corner of Kennedy/Steeles) in Markham.

    1. You can get the shaved ice machines at any chinese grocery store. As well as Filippino ones.