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Dec 16, 2003 10:30 AM

Restaurants in the Junction Area

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Anyone know of any good restaurants in the Junction area? I've been going to the Purple Onion for their all-day breakfast and would like to try other restaurants. Thanks!

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  1. While other chowhounds have complained about the lack of heat in their food, I like and recommend Curry Twist. Yes, the food is generally mild, but very tasty. The rich sauce of their butter chicken alone is worth a try. The saag paneer is good, although the cheese at times has been a bit dry. The vegetable of the day is usually a good bet, especially if it's vegetable corma. The stuffed bread rolls sound weird - basically samosa filling in fried white bread - and it took me several visits before I suspended my sceptism and tried them - not a bad snack.

    Inexpensive - the most expensive item on the menu is the fish masala at $12. Also, their naan is chewier and heavier than most but not oily, which is nice.

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      try alixs and the curry twist they are both very good.

    2. try "back to the garden" east of annette on dundas west..order off the blackboard menu.
      good and inexpensive

      1. previous thread....note that Soul Food is out of business