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Dec 14, 2003 11:29 PM

looking fancy vegetarian dishes/Salad??

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I am looking for a vegetarian restaurant with some fancy dishes

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    1. The last time I was at Terra in Thornhill, they offered a vegetarian tasting menu. They also offer several vegetarian items on their regular menu.


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        When was the last time that you were at Terra shan? My partner and I went there a few months ago after seeing a listing for it on; Not only were we incredibly dissapointed by finding only two vegan dishes on the menu (both pastas), but we were absolutely disgusted when told that the special of the day was RAW HORSE! But hey, if that's your taste, as the waiter said, it's okay because the horses are bred for it .

        I would strongly urge you and anyone else against Terra. Note also that when I contacted about this, I was told that Terra had already been queued to be removed from their list following other complaints they had had, and by the time I received their e-mail it had been.

        If you are looking from a fancy vegetarian place with some really nice dishes, I would be quick to recommend Fressen (Queen St. W.). While it does not have a very large menu nor many salads, it is an absolutely fantastic place (with many great professional reviews too) with great food and ambiance (and drinks (lovely fresh-juice cocktails and wines), and prices, and it's vegan too!).