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Dec 12, 2003 02:36 PM

Croatian Restaurants any suggestion?

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I would like any suggestion for Croatian restaurants in the GTA. Perfer ones that have live music.

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  1. Joso's, 202 Davenport
    The menu is mostly seafood so we're talking Dalmatian coast and not the interior. I have to admit, I've only been there once and was not overly impressed, but I will give it a second chance. Should also mention it is on the pricey side, definitely not a cevapcici joint.
    We were in Dubrovnik a month ago and Marco, the Jazz Club owner there actually knows Joso; though I'm not sure if Joso is still there, cooking or otherwise.
    If you do go, I'm definitely interested in hearing your throughts so please post. Thx
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