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Dec 11, 2003 06:30 PM

Best Place in Toronto for Natas

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Okay, I've been leeching off this board long enough without contributing anything meaningful.

For those who are not in the know, natas are a Portuguese flaky pastry filled with a delicious cinnamon creme. Cheap and tasty, they are usually eaten with coffee at breakfast or as a little snack.

I have tried a few places around town, but the best natas are made in the Nova Era pastry and cafe on Oakwood right before the Costa Verde churrasqueria (also the best churrasco in town....easily). I like my natas with a nicely burned custard, and while you are there, make sure to try an amazing passion fruit soft drink called Kima which is made in the Azores.


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  1. j
    Janine Mosley

    I adore natas. The Nova Era near my house (Dovercourt and Bloor) has amazing ones too.

    Delicious with a coffee. Almost like taking the best of a creme brulee/creme caramel and fusing it with the best of a baklava. Flaky, custardy, caramelized heaven!