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Dec 11, 2003 01:51 PM

EAT Cafe

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Has anyone been here for dinner? I have heard wildly positive things about the pizza but I also heard Jacob Richler slammed it. I went for brunch/lunch and it was average. Wanna know if I should try for dinner.


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  1. I have not yet been there for dinner, but my experiences at lunch have varied from average to quite satisfying. I think their sandwiches and soups are quite good, my mom enjoyed their baked brie in phyllo on salad. I wonder about these pizzas - the guy in NOW actually said they are better than Terroni's ( I personally think he knows very little about food and not much about Toronto - everything is a "find," or "best-kept secret" etc even though locals have been frequenting the said restaurant for quite some time - sorry about the rant, but I still remember the reviews by Lorraine Segato!)! My experience with their pizza was quite disappointing - the shell was actually a pita. I can only assume that was an exception to the rule, given the glowing reviews (perhaps a quick substitute when they ran out of pizza dough?). That was my only time trying their pizza so it's probably best to assume it was not representative of the norm.

    All in all, it's nice little addition to Dundas West, and the owner and the servers make you feel very welcome.