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Dec 10, 2003 02:08 PM

NY Hound looking for recs while in town on biz...

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I am going to be in town for several days on business, and will be looking for restaurants. I have work events most evenings, so am really looking mostly for lunch recommendations. Any local favorites? Can be a dive or a nice place - just want something good. I am staying Hilton on Richmond St, and was unable to find good stuff nearby last time I was in town... The more exotic, the better - I don't want just a steak.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Monsoon, 100 Simcoe Street. West of University, just north of King St.

    See the link below.

    Soul of the Vine is a good lunch place too. It is at Wellington/Bay Street, downstairs from Far Niente.

    If it is a nice day, you have a bit of time and you want to venture to the Esplanade (Front/Church St), try Biermarkt. Amazing selection of beers.


    1. if you get as far as esplanade, just go a couple of blocks further and hit st lawrence market. sushi or eggplant sandwiches on the lower level, peameal bacon or fish and chips on the upper one. or any of a million other options. cheaper than the biergarten too.

      1. I like Mercatto's on Toronto Street (King and Yonge) they get you in and out quickly and the good is amzing!

        1. A couple nice places both within walking distance: