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Dec 10, 2003 12:26 PM

Suggestion near Weston Road and Steeles?

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We're thinking about going to the Eddie Bauer Outlet sale tomorrow evening, which closes about 7 p.m. We'll probably be meeting another couple there, and may be taking our kids.

Does anyone have suggestions of interesting food near Aviva Drive? (Yes, I know the Seafood Depot is next door, but that's not dining). I remember that the Toronto Star production facility is just east of that (facing Highway 400), so it's a fairly industrial area.

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  1. try Imperial Buffet down at Dufferin/Steeles, they're pretty decent with a lot of seafood selection.

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      Hmmm ... $13.99 for a Chinese buffet (as it says in the previous chowhound posting, below). And it sounds like there could be a lineup.

      Since we're Chinese, I think that we would actually prefer a standard Chinese restaurant .... Does anyone have any other ideas?

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    2. That whole area is mostly chain restaurant land (you can find all the major chains just North on Weston in the two theatre parking lots), but there's a non-Chain Italian restaurant East on Steeles just past Keele called La Risata that I quite liked.

      1. Just to close the loop, we did make it to the Eddie Bauer sale, and went to the Imperial Buffet on Steeles, near Dufferin. It's actually a fair distance from Weston Road (west of the 400) but around 7 p.m., there wasn't much traffic.

        So, it was four adults and two kids. We tried most everything, and the response to every dish was "not bad". This isn't a glowing endorsement, but since we all eat more than our share of Chinese food, most of the buffet dishes weren't a tragedy, just adequate and edible. The hot-and-sour soup was okay, as was the chicken-corn soup. We had mussels (hot and cold), battered scallops, "korean beef" ribs, singapore noodles from the warming trays. At the back, there was a person working a grill with "pan-fried" dumplings, and a ground chicken patty. (The latter I've never seen before, but it hardly be a challenge to replicate it at home -- ground chicken, add a few seasonings, fry).

        The one thing that everyone agreed was "good" was some huge pork ribs on the servery by the back wall. It had a flavourful sauce, that wasn't very sweet.

        No sushi. The honeydew melon was fresh but not sweet. Of course, your selection of ice cream or jello.

        Driving across Steeles, just east of the 400, I had seen a strip plaza with a large Vietnamese sign on it, and had suggested that we might try that. In 20/20 hindsight, my fellow diners thought that that choice might have been a better risk.

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          I'm pretty sure we've eaten at the Vietnamese place you saw on Steeles. My son goes to York U. so whenever I'm in town we look for somewhere decent to eat. It's not bad but not stellar, soupwise anyway. I suspect it's busy at lunch, but we went for dinner and the place was empty - we were the only ones there. This always makes me nervous. Anyway, I had one of the pho's - my son had another. We shared a rice paper spring roll concoction. We both agreed that we'd had better but I think it's a result of a lack of freshness due to no traffic. Hope the place picks up or else they'll definitely have to shut down. Then where will we eat in that area?