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Dec 8, 2003 03:18 PM

Over Easy

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I'm looking for somewhere to have breakfast tomorrow and I would like to know if anyone has ever tried Over Easy on Bloor? I live in the area, so this seemed like a good option. Does anyone have any other ideas for a casual breakfast nearby? I don't really want to travel too far.


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  1. I have heard good things about Grapefruit Moon which is Bloor-Dupont/Bathurst area.

    1. I think Over Easy is a cheap ripoff of Eggspectations in Montreal....

      For a better breakfast try By the Way Cafe between Bathurst and Spadina on Bloor.


      1. I don't have any other places to recommend, but I had a terrible experience at Over Easy a few years ago. I will now vent:
        I went there the day before to reserve at table for 6 at 11am on Sunday (my birthday). The server said no problem, just call tomorrow. The next day I phoned, and they told me they don't accept reservations but to show up reasonably early. I showed at approx. 10:45, and the place was packed. I spoke to a waiter about being seated. My friends arrived while I was waiting (sitting at a small table). A group of people arrived at 11 and were seated BEFORE us. I complained to the maitre d' who did absolutely nothing about this. By the time we actually sat at a table, it was noon. By the time we ate, it was well past noon. All this trouble for bacon and eggs?!! I was fuming. I didn't write a letter to the manager but I wish I had. It was a horrible experience.