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Dec 8, 2003 12:22 PM

what happened to Geo's (or Gio's) on eglington?

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Is it gone?

I don't see the nose anymore

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  1. I believe Gio's is closed and the nose has been removed to its new location at Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant at Leslie and Queen. I'm quite sure of this since I saw it there this weekend. I really enjoyed my meal at this latest installment.... the large, airy space had a great vibe... and typical great food at reasonable prices.


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    1. re: airsy

      Yezzzzzm...truly a great place. But sometimes, that comes with the cost of carving an image that can intrude....loud (not always, but increasingly)
      club beats throb as one consumes gorgeous silken
      nothern (I believe) Italian style fish, meats, salads and pastas.Deep great flavours. Really sweet,good service. The 'Duke' across the street.mmmmmmm
      .....hell..whaddya want?