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Dec 7, 2003 11:06 PM

Elixir-Bloor Street

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Hi, was wondering if anybody had opinions about this place. have read a few good reviews - place I'm thinking about taking the girlfriend some night

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  1. I had a dinner there about 2 years ago. The waitress was incredibly rude and inattentive. When the food finally did arrive, it was good, but about 2 seconds later a patron at an adjacent table started to choke and the only waitress on the floor that night began to yell at everyone, including the many diners who attempted to help.
    As well, I find that the menu is a bit deceiving when it comes to the many prix fixe dinners available and the servers seem angry when any questions concerning the food or menu options are asked.

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    1. re: chowbabe

      I also had a rather unpleasant time there. Some of the food was alright, but most of it wasn't. My waitress was a bit hostile too.

      1. re: Jono

        OK, two votes for hostility...thanks for the advisories.

        1. re: stein88

          I have had excellent service there and the food was excellent!

    2. Try 93 Harbord -- similar fusion philosophy, better executed.