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Dec 7, 2003 08:18 PM

Traveller needs suggestion: 400 and Highway 7

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I'm visiting from Dallas and will be working up in Vaughan. Need some suggestions either Steeles/400 area or near/around airport. Price/cuisine is not a barrier. Swiss Chalet and Milestone's are getting old.



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  1. If you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner, I can recommend the California Sandwich outlet in the Colossus Centre, Highway 400 and 7. The sausage sandwich is about $6 and is filling, I like it with peppers and provolone. The sausage is nicely grilled and the bread is crusty.

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      Thanks. Was looking for something a little more substantial, though.

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        Well if you are working in that area, all I can say is Chain resturants, chain resturants and more chain resturants.

        There is an irish pub there too, but I think it went out of business.

        Let me go thourhg the list...

        Baton Rouge - New Orleans style food, good salads, good deep fried chicken fingers, their menu is a bit limited, but what is there is usually good
        Alice Fazzolies - kind of a upper class East Side Mario's, with a good menu, a little different, chicken marcella, etc.
        East Side Mario's - Italian junk food, its good, its not too bad, you don't need a suit
        on the other side of the 400, where AMC is, there is Boston Pizza, which is...pizza and pasta, very family resturant

        if you travel down highway seven west, there are a lot of independent resturants in that area, I am trying to remember some names, I will post back when I do. There are some good resturants, I just need to remember their names

        Welcome to Toronto!

    2. Bocconcino Restaurant - 331 Trowers Rd. 905-856-9239