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Dec 7, 2003 08:18 PM

Traveller needs suggestion: 400 and Highway 7

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I'm visiting from Dallas and will be working up in Vaughan. Need some suggestions either Steeles/400 area or near/around airport. Price/cuisine is not a barrier. Swiss Chalet and Milestone's are getting old.



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  1. If you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner, I can recommend the California Sandwich outlet in the Colossus Centre, Highway 400 and 7. The sausage sandwich is about $6 and is filling, I like it with peppers and provolone. The sausage is nicely grilled and the bread is crusty.

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    1. re: Middydd

      Thanks. Was looking for something a little more substantial, though.

      1. re: Chris_in_DFW

        Well if you are working in that area, all I can say is Chain resturants, chain resturants and more chain resturants.

        There is an irish pub there too, but I think it went out of business.

        Let me go thourhg the list...

        Baton Rouge - New Orleans style food, good salads, good deep fried chicken fingers, their menu is a bit limited, but what is there is usually good
        Alice Fazzolies - kind of a upper class East Side Mario's, with a good menu, a little different, chicken marcella, etc.
        East Side Mario's - Italian junk food, its good, its not too bad, you don't need a suit
        on the other side of the 400, where AMC is, there is Boston Pizza, which and pasta, very family resturant

        if you travel down highway seven west, there are a lot of independent resturants in that area, I am trying to remember some names, I will post back when I do. There are some good resturants, I just need to remember their names

        Welcome to Toronto!

    2. Bocconcino Restaurant - 331 Trowers Rd. 905-856-9239