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Dec 7, 2003 03:02 AM

Chinese Sausage

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I would like to buy some Chinese sausage (lop cheong)- any recommendations (i.e. brand, type, store or other)? Thanks.

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  1. The "Dollar Food" brand from Vancouver is my favourite (has a $ sign and a maple leaf on the package).

    The regular lap cheong is tasty; however, the liver one has a richer, more unique flavour.

    I'm not sure where you can find this brand in TO, but, here in the West, it is sold in Chinatown shops, Asian markets, and even at SuperStore.

    1. I don't know where you are located in Toronto.
      Every Chinese market has many varieties, and it depends upon what you are making.
      Since I use the sausage for steamed dishes, I buy the all pork, as it is fattier, and gives a stronger flavour.
      Occasionally I buy the chicken and pork which is leaner.
      There are many combinations, even duck and pork, but I stick to the basic ones.
      I generally buy mine at Goldfield Foodmart (Kennedy and Steeles, in Market Village) because I like to shop there.
      They have fresh hung, a well as packaged.
      I have a pkg. in my fridge, and the only English on the red package is MSW
      I prefer the slightly softer, for steaming, but I am sure they all taste fine, so don't worry which brand it is.
      If you go to Market Square, City Inn, while not cheap, has a very good dim sum, with carts and menu.

      1. Try Happy Meat Market, 340 Spadina, which is sausage central. The phone book says there's another one in Scarborough.

        1. Hello Everyone,

          Not sure how this group thanks is done - but thanks for the info. I'll go Chinese sausage hunting this week and see how it goes. As this will be my first taste, I think I'll try to find a tame type and brand.