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Dec 5, 2003 08:39 PM

N'awlins on King

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Just wondering if anyone has been there? I've always been curious about it, but it's pricier than someplace I'd usually go with friends.

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  1. Went to N'awlins about this time last year with a group. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed. I thought it would have more of a Cajun feel - but it didn't. My impression was more italian with a bit of cajun thrown in. Not really what I was wanting.

    The food I had, which I can't even remember (not a good sign), was passable but not spectacular in any way. I thought it was overpriced for the quality and type of food.


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      I liked it a lot but I have never tried authentic Cajun before so had nothing to compare it to. I went with a huge group of girls and had a great time - the atmosphere is good. The portions are huge.