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Dec 4, 2003 12:28 PM

Mississauga and Oakville area

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Hello everybody!

Just moved to Mississauga and am looking for any reasonably priced, inexpensive, even dives, places to eat any type of ethnic food.......asian, chinese, thai, indian, ......middle eastern. Anything? Oakville would be good too.

Please advise.


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  1. North east corner of Dixie and Eastgate (south of 401, north of burnhamthorpe) Theres a chinese mall there. They have a food court w/6 or 7 shops (one japanese, one vegetarian, the rest variant chinese) Lunch time is crazy there! Everyone from office workers to cops to construction workers. Lots of good hearty food at reasonable prices.

    1. From Oakville I like:

      1. The Rude Native

      2. Twisted Fork

      1. Thai Satay and More on Cross in Oakville is the best thai food I've ever had. They also have take-out and it tends to get incredibly busy after 5:30 on Friday. Mai's special is by far the most delicious thai dish I've ever had. I've been addicted to this resto since it opened. Call and order early. If you actually eat at the resto be sure to check out the bathrooms. Tacky just doesn't cover it. Excellent food but the decor is a little to pink and purple!