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Dec 4, 2003 08:27 AM

Dinner w/teens - young adults.

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Hey fellow CH's! So I'm in the giving kind of mood and decide to take out all my cousins (eight of us in total) for dinner in a couple of weeks. Unfortunatly, they're a "not-to-experimental" bunch. They range from 13-21. Can anyone suggest a nice place to eat out on (preferably) the west side (we live in the mean streets of mississauga, but transportation isn't a big problem)? I really don't want to settle for East Side Mario's/Jack Astors...

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  1. Well there are a few different not-too-experimental places that are not "family dining" chains that I think your teen/young adult family group might enjoy:

    a) VIA ALLEGRO - bustling spot just N of Sherway on Queensway, perfect for large groups: great Italian food, something for everyone, sophisticated but not at all formal.

    b) SEVEN NUMBERS - more traditional, family-run Italian on Eglinton W, fine for groups, unusual but not experimental !

    c) CANYON CREEK STEAKHOUSE - lots more than steak (for instance a great glazed pork chop) in a dark, fairly quiet underground room just underneath the frenetic Texas Armadillo on the N side of Front Street just W of University/York and the Royal York.

    d) STUDIO CAFE - the upscale coffee shop (but really more a dining room) of the Four Seasons Hotel, Avenue just N of Bloor - lots of room for groups in the back of the room: eclectic and upscale food with something for every taste: chicken curry, salads, liver, steak, good wines. Not cheap but not wildly expensive either. Great service. A good intro to fairly adult dining.

    Hope this helps, enjoy !