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Dec 3, 2003 01:44 PM

hot sauce

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Frank's new variant-Chile and Lime is so good, I'm drinking it straight from the bottle as I type...

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  1. where can this marvelous elixir be found?

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    1. re: marie

      I've long given up on commercial hot sauces being hot. However, this one sounds flavourful. Let us know where you got as I didn't see it last time I scanned the aisles of the supermarket.

      For other hot sauce lovers here are some good bets.

      Grace's hot sauce, cheap as chips and very hot compared to louisiana hotsauce, tabasco etc.

      In Kensington market in some of the spanish grocery stores they have a brand called 'Yucatan'?. I just got the extra hot sauce with habanero's (they have a red and green colored hot sauce too) for $3.99. It reminds me a bit of jerk chicken seasoning and is delicious on jamaican patties.

      Other more expensive brands are Dave's Insanity, Ultimate Insanity and one especially nasty one called Black Widow. These are more boutique brands, cost $9 and awhile a go Winner's seemed to be carrying them. I think some Loblaws carry Dave's stuff. His cayene sauce and jalapeno sauce are O.K. but the ones above are a better bet.

      Anyone every get sauces from the guy with the table on Kensington. I think he sells them for $5 and I'd bet they'd be loaded with Scotch bonnet goodness.

      1. re: alsiem

        The Chile'n Lime variety of Frank's can be found in most supermarkets, as far as I know. I buy it at my local Loblaws. I too love it.

        It isn't hot. Well, it has SOME heat, but is really more about flavour. The lime really gives it a nice punch. Lots of varying levels of spice (not heat). And of course, quite cheap.

        It's my new favourite.


        1. re: alsiem

          Check out the Hot Sauce Review website. It's a site where you can read consumer reviews of hot sauces. You are also given the chance to write your own reviews.


          1. re: alsiem

            Ack! The guy with the table in Kensington is really cool. His hot sauce is good too - but the best thing is himself. One day I got into a big conversation with him and he advised me not to plant any pumpkins. I asked him why and he said he isn't sure but it has something to do with water in the basement. I planted pumpkins anyway - nothing happened.