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Dec 2, 2003 03:30 PM

Good Take-Out or Delivery Chinese In Thornhill, Yonge/Steels/Clark Area

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First off, I just wanted to say that I am newcomer to this msg board and after about 10mins, I already love it!

Now to my question, it seems that good, not overpriced Chinese food in my area is hard to come by. I have settled on China Grill but am looking for something a little better, Cynthia's (sp) is too expensive and I just don't trust Oriental Court anymore!

Can anyone offer me some good suggestions in or around my area (if they delivered, even better!)


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  1. There is a plaza with a Red Lobster in it just north of the Wendy's on Yonge Street. There are a few choices in there :-

    Legend is an all around good chinese place with a seafood bent. It's a bit expensive though, but the food is good. Delicious Seafood Hot and Sour soup. One interesting thing there, is they have these combos - you get a soup, spring roll, rice, and one dish from a list of about 15 dishes. The dish is not a full serving - it is an individual serving. They cost around $10 take-out - but more if you eat in. If you eat in, I'd rather order full dishes with rice.

    On the other side of that plaza, there is a Northern Chinese (Shanghainese) place. I love this place. Great dumplings. Great food. A tad expensive. But worth it. The Mu Shu chicken/pork/shrimp is great. Order extra pancakes though. I love their Tan Tan mein (a peanuty noodle soup).

    There is also a congee place called Sam's congee which is good for congee or noodles. I love this place when I just want something soothing and homey.

    There's also a Chinese bun/pastry shop in there, and a Hong Kong style chinese place (never been).

    I live close-by and it is the plaza of choice when I want good chinese, without having to drive far.


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      thanks for the tip about Legend.

      I did enjoy the food very much, and can see myself going back to them for another round. I just wish more places had veg. or chicken won ton soup!!

      Thanks again!