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Dec 2, 2003 01:35 PM

pasquale's - anyone been to new location?

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has anyone went to the new pasquales in the east end? in september, i was down at the king st location and stocked up on some of the clearance items, but have not made it out to the new one. my sister (who lives in etobicoke) drove by it and said that they had some signs up for free tapas tastings and free espresso...i wonder if it is the same pasquale, since they didn't have a coffee bar at old store. will need to check it out, and see if they still have their homemade sausage still available.

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  1. Yes, I've been--it's in the west end, off the Queensway. For me, this location is more convenient, too, since it's in the same nest of places between Kipling and Islington as Dimpflmeiers and a few other food outlets.

    I'ts the same Pasquale Brothers, and they do have their sausage.

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      can you provide the exact address, if you have? I'd love to visit the new location, but am not too familiar with Etobicoke.

      1. re: kasia

        thanks pearl for your reply! I will try to make it out there now that another former downtown client has visited new location.

        i checked their address on their website- they have pictures of new store.

        16 Goodrich (just off Jutland, between Kipling and Islington)

        1. re: jaykay

          Hey, sorry I didn't get back faster about the address to Kasia--I lost Pasquales' thank you for including it.
          The staff are really pleasant, and sometimes just happy for the company. The streets that run parallel to Jutland going north in that area have some good food outlets, and it's kind of worth a drive-around if you're out there. If, like me, you have a fondness for industrial zones, you're good; otherwise...

          One thing, though--I found the olive oil and balsamic selections a little limited--saw the same brands in a Dominion, and found a wider selection of both in the Cheese Boutique.