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Dec 1, 2003 01:22 PM

seafood or indian lunch in TO

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hello, i have an interview downtown tomorrow (bay/wellington area) and would like to know of your fav. indian or seafood places for lunch. it doesnt have to be downtown, but thats just to give you an idea of where.
thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. f
    Frances in Toronto

    a good Indian place i know of around there is Biryani House... very casual, lunch special is $6.08 (tax incl.) and you get to pick the sides.

    Biryani House is in Roy's Square, i.e. if you are at Bloor and Yonge and walk south along Yonge on the east side, and then turn left when you see a sidestreet just beside a Lebanese lunch place. Biryani House is in this sidestreet.

    Or if you are looking for a bit nicer place you can always go to The Host, which is a sit-down restaurant, which is on Prince Arthur, just west of Avenue Road (and just north of Bloor). here's the website.