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Nov 29, 2003 12:14 PM

Who makes the most authentic pain au chocolat in Toronto?

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I was reading Joanne Kates' review today of Clafoutis. She loves the almond croissants but dislikes their pain au chocolat. Where can I find the most authentic ones in Toronto? I've had the ones at Michel's baguettes. While they are tasty and incredibly rich, they are not authentic. They are too filling, too hearty, too "North American"...

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  1. I am not a fan of pain au chocolat myself, but my 18 year old daughter, who loves them, swears by Bonjour Brioche on Queen E.

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      I like these too, but the only time I've managed to get one I was there by 9am. On a weekday. And they only had one left. And they gave me attitude about it (as only they can!)

      So if anyone makes a special trip, call ahead and order /ask that they put some aside.

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      Frances in Toronto

      there is a fantastic authentic french bakery on the north side of St. Clair West, just a bit west of Christie (within walking distance), which the owners and a lot of the clientele speak french. i do not know if they make pain au chocolat but i wouldn't doubt it. definitely very authentic french bakery.

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        i realize this is going back three years, but... does anyone know the name of this place? i'm assuming frances is talking about pain perdu?

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          Sounds ultra yummy. Do you have a name for that store? Thanks?

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            That place is still around and thriving, in fact 'booming' is called
            PAIN PERDUE and it is at 736 St. Clair Ave. West (west of Bathurst but don't remember the closest intersectection) phone 416:7246.
            I can't personally vouch for it but everytime I have tried to go in, the place is packed.

        2. In my opinion Rahier makes the best pain au chocolat. I usually get them at Le Gourmand on Spadina south of Queen. All their croissants are delicious. Just the right size and flaky not doughy.

          1. Pain Perdu on St Clair W @ Christie has excellent pain au chocolat (& crossant des amandes!) & everything else they make. They are French (& speak French) and it's all very, very buttery - yum. FYI - get there early , they close early (maybe 4ish) & often run out.

            1. My husband loves the pain au chocolat at Patachou at Yonge & MacPherson. In fact, all of their croissants are phenomenal.

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                Several years ago I was excited to be moving back to Toronto precisely *because* of Patachou, but honestly I've found they've branched out too far (in their menu) and neglected what they are supposed to do best: croissants.

                If you've had authentic, buttery pain before than this is not the place to go. If you want a huge bowl of cafe au lait and a panini or mixed salad, in a chic be-seen Rosedale environment, then sure...maybe it's ok. But if you're getting up at 8am on a Saturday just to bring home the bread to read with your morning paper, I would seriously consider going elsewhere.