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Nov 29, 2003 09:54 AM

toronto excursion

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We aree going to Toronto to scout out real ethnic food and great food shopping. Can you please advise of the
best "down to earth" dim sum,polish,jewish,indian places to eat. Also best deli's or markets and shops for various ethnic foods.

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  1. For "best buy" dim sum, try Soon Foon Tai on Gerrard Street, a few doors east of Broadview, on the north side of the street!

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      Frances in Toronto

      if you have a car, for good dim sum, i would recommend you drive out to Market Village which is at Kennedy and Steeles (and is across from the Pacific Mall). inside Market Village, there is an excellent dim sum restaurant which is right near the food court. this is very very asian. occasionally i see non asian people in this dim sum place but mostly it is chinese people. and it is very reasonable.

      Greek Town on the Danforth is fun... try Mezes for some good Greek food (esp. the calamari that is like a stuffed canneloni).

      1. Deli/Jewish food: Moe Pancer's at 4130 Bathurst St. (at Wilson Ave), phone (416) 633-1230

        1. If you're in downtown area, Lee Garden in chinatown or Dynasty at Bloor & Avenue are both good for dim sum.