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Nov 28, 2003 09:21 AM

tibetan lamb on barbie dome

  • j

Years ago I hade a memorable meal in JApan(1961 actually) of lamb strip you cooked on a fibbrd iron dome at your table and dipped in an amzing dipping sauce. Anyone know of this dish or where I can get it ?

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  1. The closest I can think of anything like that would be one of the Korean BBQ places around town, where lamb is among the meats you can get to grill at a dome at your table. Most central would be the Korean Grill House at Yonge and Duncan.

    1. It used to be around - known as 'Genghis Khan Yaki' (the helmet pot/grill was reputedly based on a legend about Genghis Khan cooking over his helmet).
      But haven't seen it recently. Perhaps a Google search!