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Nov 27, 2003 06:38 PM


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Has anyone eaten at Auberge lately? I have not heard anything about it for quite some time now and I was just wondering if it is still worth the drive.

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  1. I was just there for lunch today. Not bad, but still shows signs that it is part of the Oliver-Bonacini chain of restaurants.

    Mini terrine of chicken liver pate was quite good, with a topping of crushed pistachios and unremarkable slices of grilled french bread.

    Escargot was not burgundy-style (how I like it), but was like French Onion Soup with snails.

    My dining companion had a beautiful piece of Black Snapper. What a great fish! Very tasty and light, on a bed of teardrop tomatoes, asparagus and little black olives.

    I had the "Crepe of the day" which was quite good: filled with bison shreds, mascarpone (only a little), and fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.) It was done in a bison-herb jus. Very flavourful, and herbacious indeed.

    Dessert was a chocolate "Mille Feuille" with chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis. It was pedestrian at best.

    $170 including tax and tip. Good meal, but too much money.

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      Thanks for the update. It sounds as though you are not a fan of the cult of Bonacini. Nor am I. I have heard that the prices were put up considerably at Auberge which is why I was questioning whether or not it was worth the trip. Thanks again, Nadia.