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Nov 27, 2003 11:14 AM

Yorkville area-ish restaurant

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Hello All,
I am new to Toronto and to this board. I'm definitely having fun reading about all the great places in the city to eat - this board is a plethora of information. I have a lot of exploring to do and hope to be able to add some good insights at some time soon!

My current dilemma - I have some family and friends coming down for the weekend and would like to go out for a nice meal. They are staying in the Yorkville area, so a restaurant in that vicinty (we have a car, so a wide vicinity) would be great. I have eaten in the neighbourhood a couple of times and have felt that the meals are over-priced and nothing fantastic. We are adventurous and up for anything!

Thanks for your help,

Yum Tum

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  1. It might be stretching the "Yorkville-ish" area, but I had a lovely, very reasonable, lunch at Agora (in the Art Gallery of Ontario - Dundas and University area) a few weeks ago. They had a french bistro menu to coincide with the Degas show - my duck confit was excellent and my lunch partner's salmon was also delicious.

    1. Some good places in or close to Yorkville:
      (nothing chowhoundish in that area that I can
      think of, though)

      -Boba, Avenue Road N of Bloor
      -Dynasty, fancy Chinese on Bloor (good but
      expensive dim sum)
      -Arlequin on Avenue Road near Davenport
      -Pangaea on Bay N of Bloor
      -Truffles at the Four Seasons Hotel if you really want to splurge

      1. Yorkville area-

        Try Le Paradis on Bedford north of Davenport-best value for money in french food. Mercurio's on Bloor between St George and Huron is very good although a bit harried at noon. Indochine near Davenport and Yonge isn't bad vietnamese although Pho Hung on Bloor is better.Jacques Bistro du Parc on Cumberland is excellent for french fare and not too pricey.

        1. f
          Frances in Toronto

          Yes, Yorkville restaurants are mostly overpriced and I don't go there often.

          I would like to recommend a smaller establishment named "Universal Grill" which from the outside doesn't look super fancy, but the food is mmm mmm good, ESPECIALLY the spare ribs and yam fries. This is their signature dish... so if you love ribs, you MUST come here (it is $23 a plate, I think). they also have seafood and other items. it is located on Shaw and Dupont, which is definitely within driving distance from Yorkville. however if you have more than 6 or 8 people, i wouldn't recommend coming here (it's too small).