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Where's the best Italian in town (for pasta)?

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I have tried Grazie, various spots on College Street, Queen's Pasta Cafe, but still feel that I haven't really found the ultimate Italian pasta place yet (mind you these places were very good). Is there any place that is not too upscale that serves the ultimate Italian pasta in town?

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  1. Seven Numbers

    1. I find the meals at Nonna's on Tecumseth (one block west and one block north of King and Bathurst) awesome. Quaint place with excellent food. I haven't been for awhile, but was never disappointed when I did go. Favorites are Penne a la Nonna and Angel hair pasta. Also, they have an excellent Bruschetta with goat cheese. Prices are extremely reasonable.

      1. "Noce" 875 Queen W.
        Really good, made on premisis pasta.

        1. Romagna Mia at 106 Front Street West - near the St. Lawrence Market. Fabulous risotto as well.

          1. The best pasta can be found in the home of your Italian friends. Or, at Banfi on Lonsdale.

            1. Don't forget Tutti Matti, Adelaide east of Spadina -- powerful flavours.

              1. It might not be "chowhoundish" - last year for a special occasion I went to Scaramouche for dinner and had as an appetizer gnocchi with wild mushrooms, lemon, veal jus, and cream; it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. Since then I have been meaning to go back and try their pasta bar, which I understand is separate from the main restaurant and a little more downscale in terms of price. Has anyone been, would they recommend it?

                1. Americani's in Woodbridge...and they some of the best salads I ever had. Unfortunately, they are closing end of this year and moving to Mississauga only as a catering company

                  1. Marcello's @ Dufferin and St. Clair.

                    Done just al dente, I've finally found it!! Relatively inexpensive. No fancy heavy pan-asian sauce cover-up over mushy pasta. Always served piping hot in stoneware. You've gotta finish it fast before it gets cold or changes texture... just like the way mama used to make'em :-)