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Nov 24, 2003 11:08 PM

Dundas/Univ/Baldwin - moderate $ + atmosphere?

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Hello everyone,

Looking for suggestions for dinner tomorrow night. Someplace relatively inexpensive (say, mains $15 or under), walking distance from Dundas/Univ. Preferably someplace kinda quiet, casual, a bit romantic (I like the atmosphere of Peter Pan on Queen). Not Japanese or Chinese food - I'm open to anything else.

I've been to a couple places on Baldwin and they were hit or miss, but recommendations for restaurants there would be welcome since it's really close by.

I'm heading to the Paramount theatre after dinner, and would really like to avoid eating on Queen St. =P I have my eye on the Victoria St. Il Fornello right now, but it's a little out of the way. I considered the King St. Il Fornello, but it doesn't seem as nice as the Victoria St. one?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. Oops, that should've been the Elm St. Il Fornello, not Victoria St. (not sure why I'm thinking of Victoria St....not even sure where that is!)

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      I'd recommend Mata Hari on Baldwin if you like Indonesian/Malaysian food. Somewhat more upscale than your average Baldwin St. eatery but still fairly inexpensive. See review at URL below.


    2. I would go for the FRECKELBEAN CAFE on McCaul just north off Dundas. I find the atmosphere to be lovely (small, cozy, romantic and relaxing). The food is delicious - they have pasta, sandwhiches, cute little pizzas and delicious daily soups, as well as desserts. They have good unusaul stuff on tap and are very friendly - run by a nice couple. Last time I went I had a brie & proscitto (sp?!?) sandwhich with curried apple zuchinni soup and a pint for around $15.00 - very affordable and very good. Let me know if you go here and what you thought of it!

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        I've been to the Frecklebean a couple of times (I literally live about a stone's throw away) and it is a nice little spot, although I'd go there only if I was feeling more sociable and outgoing as the owner (John?) can get pretty chatty and goofy.

        We wound up at Matahari - sadly, we had to run before dessert, but the calamari appetizer was excellent. Our main was one of the menu's prawn dishes, and we had the coconut rice which was fabulous! Service wasn't the greatest that night - we actually ordered regular rice - but I think they may have been unprepared for the dinner rush? There was only one server, I think, and the restaurant was almost full (one large group of about 8 came in).