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Nov 24, 2003 11:03 PM

Need Toronto recommendations!

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hello, i'm visiting toronto soon on business, staying downtown, and would like some recommendations on good restaurants - chowhoundish, not touristy, and reasonably priced, thanx!!!

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    Frances in Toronto

    Fred's Not Here is a good restaurant... it is in the theatre district, on King St. West... below it is the Red Tomato as well, which is more casual.

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    1. re: Frances in Toronto

      omi (church St) or Hiro Sushi (King St) for superb sushi or (Romagna Mia Front St.) for terrific Italian

      1. re: pauls
        Frances in Toronto

        i also like Yamato for sushi. it is in Yorkville. they also have teppanyaki style of eating (japanese grill), which is ok... but their sushi is very authentic, from the way they flavour their rice to presentation. price is a bit more expensive than other places for sushi but it is amongst some of the best you can get in Toronto (me being from Vancouver, i am super picky about sushi).

      2. re: Frances in Toronto

        Starfish for a cool little seafood spot