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Nov 24, 2003 05:28 PM

downtown traditional chinese food????????

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Looking for traditional canadian style chinese food in the downtown core without a seafood slant ie. s and s chicken, garlic spare ribs, you know what i mean. Nice but not ritzy. Thanks!!!!

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    Frances in Toronto

    I hear Lee's Garden in Chinatown (on Spadina) is pretty good.

    1. If you're looking for more westernized Chinese food, it may be hard to find around Spadina/Dundas. Perhaps the buffet at Mandarin is what you're looking for.

      Last time I stopped by Lee Gardens with my family, I took one look at the menu, and we walked out. The menu was actually fine, but I thought that the prices were about 30% to 40% out of whack for the neighbourhood. (Lee Gardens always has the Joanne Kates reviews and "Where to Eat in Canada" signs prominent).

      Last time I had guests from out of town in, we went to Happy Seven. It's pretty standard Cantonese food, reliably done. We didn't get too far out, because we had someone from North Carolina who wasn't big on seafood. Happy Seven is open late, I understand, and almost always has customers in it (when I've been there).