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Nov 24, 2003 09:45 AM

sushi buffets???

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hello good folks.
i am on a quest for a sushi buffet - downtown, wherever...and a reasonable one at that. so if anyone knows of any sushi buffets, please tell, it would be such a help.
thanks a lot.

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  1. Mariko.

    Danforth, north side, between chester and broadview (at the Carrot Common).

    $23. Amazing.

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    1. re: danbird

      thanks very much danbird....i shall take your word on it and go maybe this weekend! appreciated!

    2. Hmmm ... We're getting a lot of requests on threads that have been covered before. Don't people know how to search on a web page? Try ctrl+F, and then enter "sushi".

      I'll provide the link below. I didn't start that thread, but had suggested Katsu, under the heading "$8.99 Sushi Buffet Lunch at Katsu". (You'll need to link to link).


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      1. re: divirtual

        Several Toronto hounds have expressed weariness with the same old "I'm in Toronto next week/I live at Pharmacy & Sheppard......tell me where to eat that's unusual and cheap and good!" requests.

        And I, too, have noticed the "Where are they located/what's their phone number" type questions, as if they can't look up such basic info themselves when they obviously have the time/skill to post the question.

        See this thread on the Site Talk forum:


        1. re: Jordan

          This thread has finally done it - you have just lost a chowhound. Can't stand the snobbery anymore...havn't posted yet because I feel like I would be shot down for potentially asking a question used before, or for liking a place that's not unique enough.

          Go form your own snobby little cliques. Goodbye, and thanks for ruining what was a great idea.

          1. re:

            Hi amory45:

            I hope you can stick around. Sure, your post may not be to everyone's liking for whatever reason, but so what? There'll be others who'll appreciate it. This site has a bit of everything for all tastes - everything from buffets to high-end destination restaurants - so there's room for everyone, although they may sometimes clash (you know, the "snobs" versus the "low-brows"). So hang out here and chow down, eh?

            1. re:

              I can see amory45's point, and I can also see Jordan's point. We're all on this all-purpose Toronto forum together, so we should do our best to give & take what we can, try to be considerate, and ignore what's not to our taste.

              1. re:

                amory45, We hope you saw our comments in this thread and change your mind about sticking around.

            2. re: divirtual

              Each time a topic is recycled, it may evoke a new idea, a new slant, a new tip from some of the new people constantly streaming into the site.
              Nearly all Internet discussion is characterized by constant repetition. For sites primarily focused on stimulating conversation, this is very annoying. But for a site like Chowhound that's more of a data trove/resource than a chat, repetition (and the constantly replenished and updated data repetition provides) is a strength......though it may be tiresome for people who read the site daily.
              If you see a topic that's been covered before, and you want to respond, it's helpful to provide links to previous discussions like you did in your post, but please don't make new posters feel unwelcome if you are tired of seeing the same questions over and over. If you're frustrated, skip the thread. Chances are someone new with new opinions will chime in and we all might learn about someplace that has never been mentioned. And we'll never learn about those great new finds if every repetitive request is met with a cursory "search the board" message.

              In other words...sorry, but just work around it! There's lots more to read!

              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                I don't think anyone's trying to make new posters feel unwelcome.

                I don't see why new posters can't devote a couple of minutes to reading through some previous threads and making a minimal attempt at basic research, before expecting others to devote their own time to answering the generic tourist questions.

                1. re: Jordan

                  Once again, if you don't want to respond with a helpful answer, please don't answer at all. Everybody was a newbie to this board once. If a newbie asks a simple question and receives a terse "search the board" response, in most cases that newbie is going to quietly poke their head back down and feel like their wrist has been slapped because they're not part of our "club". That's not the environment we want to foster here.

                  Nobody has any expectation of you- if you don't want to respond to a "generic tourist question", then don't, and let someone else who has interest in the topic field the question while you engage on a topic more to your liking. That way there will be no hard feelings on anyone's part. And we can't stress this enough- you'd be surprised at how many new chow finds come out as a result of revisiting the same old generic tourist questions. New faces = new chow finds, and we're all winners.

                2. re: The Chowhound Team

                  Thanks for clarifying The Chowhound "policy" on this senstive netiquette point. On many message boards, I get tired of people thinking that their past "contributions" mean that they can police newbie behaviour. Clear statements like this from the moderators are helpful.

                3. re: divirtual

                  You recommended Katsu, and someone else dissed it (see link below). Has anyone else been?

                  By the way, I notice that Sushi Place now has its $18.99 all-you-can-eat deal from Sundays to Thursdays, not just on Sundays. But please, everyone, don't go pig out on five helpings of the most expensive item just because you can - you'll just end up driving up the prices for everyone else.


                  1. re: Cosmo

                    Used to love going to Katsu - but now the sushi is very, very thin and the rice is very, very thick. Apparently if you don't eat all your rice, you can't order more! Not my favourite place anymore. Still searching:)

                4. whoa this threat sure prompted a wave of responses. i'm not sure if any of it answered your query though.
                  There is a place called My Sushi on Yonge Street just north of Finch. It's 18.99 on fri and weekends and slightly less during weekdays (i believe). you order off a designated menu. It's a smaller, quiet place. I'm far from a sushi expert, but i quite enjoy this place. Because you're ordering fresh from a menu, so much better than what you'd get at any of your typical buffets.

                  1. Takera (sp?) on Yonge, north of StClair, west side, is owned by the same folks at Katsu on the Danforth. If this is more convenient for you. I've been there a couple of times and though I had not had the buffet, the meals were good.

                    As far as the other discussions are concerned, in a forum like this concerning food services - an ever changing industry - it may be entirely appropriate to bring up the same topic over again. Tastes/clientele/management/ownership waxes and wanes and what may be true at one moment can change you don't know when.

                    There are food snobs out there and on here. They obviously know where they can go.